Henna Matanuska - also known as MataHoops - is a very unique and fascinating contemporary hoop dancer. She has studied theatre and dance in Finland and when she discovered hoop dance in 2006 it change her life! Since then the plastic circle has taken her around the world. Besides hooping she is also performing with fire, stilts and as a contemporary dancer. 

She is a truly dedicated, talented and creative artist who loves to change her appearance like a chameleon, re-inventing her self over and over again in the process of discovering new ways of moving with the hoop and her body. She likes to think "out of the box" and is fascinated by the bizarre and abstract. After all her name Henna means "weird" in Japanese.

Henna is very passionate about teaching her style of hooping and well know for being a very kind, motivating, creative and supportive teacher. Over the last years she has been teaching a lot, for example at European Juggling Convention, Indian Juggling Convention, SWHoop (Bristol, UK) , Hoop the Castle (Germany), Manchester Hoop Congress, London Hoop Festival and many others circus and hooping events around Europe.