Northern set.

Charcoal/Pastels/Paper. Traces of Hooping and Dance.

Contact if you are interested to buy some of these.

Fly with Rainbows and take no shit. ø40cm

Ivalo. ø40cm

Comet. She closed her eyes and jumped. ø40cm

Hooping Moon. ø40cm

Winter Garden. ø40cm

Echo. ø40cm

Let the rhythm take you over. ø40cm

Aurora. ø40cm

Dancing Crane. ø40cm

Hellä. ø40cm

Winter Rose. ø40cm

Sade. ø40cm

Cottongrass. ø40cm

Aamu, ø40cm

My Imaginery Friend.

Kide. ø40cm

Istigkeit. ø40cm

Unissasi. ø40cm

Blue Bell. ø40cm

Blizzard. ø40cm

Owls/Lovers ø40cm

Northern Soul. ø40cm

Inari. ø40cm

Between two worlds. ø40cm

She wants to move. ø40cm

She walks softly through snow. ø40cm