Art has been important to Henna for her whole life. As a kid, her favourite game was Draw and Guess. As age of sixteen, she started to take more lessons about drawing and went to study art history, restoration and graduate as a decorator.. But then she runaway to theatre and kept going to learning circus and discover herself as a circus artist.

Now years back she´s going back to her roots and combine these two art scene.

As a visual artist, her main material are charcoal, pastels and paint. But she also do installations and performances for spaces.

Coming up

9.-10.11.2019 EXPAND THE ROOTS, Finlayson, Tampere

19.6.19 Galleria Rajatila, Tampere

27.4.19 Traces of Hooping- Work-in-Progress, Tampere

27-28.4.19 Taidesuunnistus /Art Orienteering, Tampere