In this workshop we will focus on movement/dancing. I will use a technique with which I’ve been working for years and show, how it can be used to find new insights with the hoop. 

We will do creative exercises and make pieces of choreography with a method, that can be useful later on, when training independently or performing. You will find new ways to move with the hoop and how to combine elements to create flowing movement.

We also train to remember our own moves by writing scores.

Henna is a Dancing Cards ™ instructor and will introduce you to this technique as well during the workshop.

** Suitable for all levels**




In this workshop we will be working the floor technique from contemporary dance with hoop. We add some acro moves and some get up moves with twisted wedgies. Get on the FLOOR and DANCE!


©See Ying Yip

©See Ying Yip

Mixed Tricks

Henna will share some of her favourites and weirdest tricks; using floor, tosses, wedgies and doing some combos.




Traces of Hooping

Working with visual art and movement. Can we build choreography by using drawings and text? What kind of movement you will create from drawings?

Suitable for all objects and everyone.