Follow the rules. Forget about the rules. / by Henna Lapinlampi

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Last post I promise to make another post about these "moving drawings" or how do you wanna call them. . Drawings who dance!

I told that it´s been fun but also sometimes hard.

In this post I wanna open more why it´s been both sides. Well usually everything have both sides, ying yang etc....

I ask. I got it.  First of it, I like to challenge myself. I´m curious how other way we can do things that it´s "normally" done. I kind of hate when someone said "we´ve always been doing this way, so that´s how we do it" even I use that phrase too..sometimes, but will try not to.. :)

So when I put the sign in my studio :


I thought maybe few person will do that..or no one. But luckily I got around 50 drawings (or writings). I was happily surprised! :)



So I promise I will start making these moves or scores on Instagram first ( and later using them to build act or something) That´s how I start my @soundofhoops account..and later I started to publish more from this concept. ( yes, Traces of Hooping it´s a whole thing )

I started to make in 10 pictures periods. Every day one move. 

I was excited to start, it was like a game from childhood!! 

Okay, so I pick up the first picture that was calling to me..and so on and on..same idea.

I was full of creativity and felt inspired. But more I did, some struggles I had ;)

I MADE THE RULES. Yes, so why did I start to put these things in my head (it have to be totally something new, it have to be interesting it have to unseen...HAVE TO BE...!! )

What I needed to do first was FORGET ABOUT THE RULES. I made the rules so I can always change them!! Don´t think it´s have to be something, cos it´s already is something. It´s already comes from outside of the box ( or sometimes it was like a box, the shape :D) But it´s already is new way to think about how to move (for you) and that is enough..



Fresh start. After I realise there are no rules in this game I could start again. It´s about freedom to see things in your way and freedom to do it in your way. It´s funny how our mind works..

But some pictures were easier and more juicy, some were maybe challeging. . And I want to tell story about challenge one :)

This one!

( Special thanks for you who made this!! )


Tetris was one of the favorite games in my childhood. So I pick up this picture many times and I just could not see any moves or do any moves, I freeze so many times.

Last week I had a session with other artists and I tell them about this project and ask how they would feel to working through drawings. We had really nice chat and one of the things came up was that how about using feelings. What feeling particular drawing will give and put that feeling in to your movement. That was good point of view.

And other point of view came to me last Saturday, Space, ( even this is not new to me but through drawings I have not really think about it), I went to film by the lake and there was floating garden. And that was my Tetris. 

And it look like this:


Again..forget about the rules. And start to go outside of the box :D

I think in this method there are more + than - Just have to let go and follow the pictures, feelings, space, instinct.. It has give me so much new perspective to my own work and again I feel much more inspiring. And I will share this method with others too,for up coming workshops..

Thank you everyone who have share their creativity. And thanks for everyone who have share their thoughts. I will research more.

AND NOW, YOU wanna BE  PART of THIS AWESOMENESS? contact me and I will tell you more!

Thanks for reading :*