Game to play / by Henna Lapinlampi

so May 2017 I had my first appearance with Traces of Hooping // Sound of Creating

it was a first step to this concept.



I was not quite sure where it will go ( still not sure :) ) but slowly it taking it shape.

At the firs event Kartanoise, I asked people to draw or write me a move or score and I got around 50 picture. 

I try them out, film small videos to my Instagram account @soundofhoops

and after that I have start to get these drawings from people around the world. 

it’s really fun and mind blowing but sometimes hard too.  

I will make own post of it but I need to share this one particular one. It’s made by my friend and colleague Emma Kenna, who visit here in Finland this January.

in this picture, there is so many levels how you can read, see or move it, that  only one video can’t be enough. Actually I could do whole performance about it :D

but that’s the fun part, person who make a picture can use their creativity and I can read it my way.

win win!! 

but here is video 

and later will write more about this game. Stay tuned 🖤