Dialog by Henna Lapinlampi

So as I was writing before about these pictures, which turn to movement, I want to talked about that bit more.

Hula hooping for me is express myself. I love some tech but most inspiring thing is to explore, what more you can do, what more you can find, how you can invent new things.

What ispire me to move is shapes and and I can clearly see movement in them. So picture what I got from people, are proposal to move, or make a score. And funny thing is that there are layers, so it’s not just one move.

Here are examples:

In this picture, there are curvy lines, I see that my path and how I should move. Litlle spots are stops. 

Curvy is soft so I think one part of my body, in this case knees. How my soft knees move, they bend. So that’s a main thing in a move.  

Bend your knees

Bend your knees

Here in video you can see bendy knees. Rest of that is improvising, where the hoop goes. 

So that’s the other thing.. 

When the starting point is how the body move, how I dance, then what does the hoop?

But You can always start to think first the hoop move/trick and then come to question how you move or dance.

In this next picture, I see loops. So I started to think what hoop move/trick it could be..


It somehow remind me of knitting, so continuous loops would be the move..

And below there is video, what I made it.


So working whit drawings, you have many options to develop your creative thinking with objects and body movement.

And beside person who draw this picture for me, can also use her creativity but also get some new view or level for her drawing from my movement.

It´s a dialog between two creative minds.

want to know more?

Get in touch and we can get deeper :)

Much love,