Tartu, Estonia 2017 / by Henna Lapinlampi

Tartu - city of open minds


My first trip to Tartu was in 1991, and at that time I already noticed that it's amazing place. What I remember was hospitality and good food. So when I saw the Open Call for Tartu Artist in Residence, I knew I have to go back. And so I did!

I went to work my upcoming solo ( OVALO ) it's inspired from nature, spirals, geometric shapes.. and the name of course, Ovalo= oval, egg shape but also Be Light ( in Finnish way to say it ooo valo! ) so there are meanings hiding in that name. And what is interesting, in Estonia, nature and spirituality are very important, they have strong beliefs to mother nature, so what could be better place to start working my solo than Tartu!

But before it's ready, I will make demo's , as I did in Tartu too. It will help me to grow as and artist but also see a different view of my work.

so here I wanna share some pics from rehearsals and from live demo

Rehearsal photos taken by Mana Kaasik at Apararaaditehas. 




Performing photos taken by Jaak Kikas at Genialistide Klubi


in a last picture I exchange ideas with the audience. I have to say I got some interesting suggestions, and will sure try some of these. Also the atmosphere were so warm and welcoming, so that's why I also want to add that Tartu is city of open minds but also with Big Hearts!

Last I want to share this video of some of my ideas what I was trying/playing.. 


So hmmm, my next stop will be in UK.. so let's see what's next ☺