Dancing Hoop Workshop / by Henna Lapinlampi


It´s been a while :)

In this post I wanna talk about dancing and hooping. For me hoop is a tool to express myself, dancing is important part of my hooping. Dancing/hooping free my body and mind to move just the way I feel.


No matter if you have take any classes or not, there is always your way to use your body and hoop (or any object) 


Of course there are some technique and tricks but main thing is, everyone can in their own way.

And when I teach, specially if I teach creative or dancing hoop technique, I will say, there is no wrong way to do it but your way and it´s right. We all have our unique body and it´s move, so let´s make a dance.

Dancing Hoop Workshop is based on improvisation, creative movement, dance technique and ©Dancing Cards technique. We will work movement quality, using elements, we will build choreographies, using creative thinking, and we will learn how to build dance. And this is just one way to do it, not only way. And I love to share new way to see dance, hooping, choreographies and how to do it.

In these last months I was given workshop in Tartto, Estonia, UK and in Amsterdam. And I loved to see how people just open them self and jump in! Yes, something you need most in my workshop is OPEN MIND :) and if it´s not open right away, it will if you give a chance.

So what if I don´t feel creative or my mind is stuck? I will give you tools and frames, so you don´t have to make all the things by yourself or feel like being locked by empty mind..that sometimes happen to me, when being in creative process that nothing comes to my mind..so there is REPEAT..how about repeating your move,just simple move and it´s start to grow,where it will take you, just let go..and BOOOM something happen :)

So why I love teach Dancing Hoop or Creative Movement Workshop? Because I love to see unique movement when people just throw them self in the moment and the movement lead them and I will learn every time so much.

So that was few words about my way of thinking and seeing and teaching about dance and hoop. I will be back in UK next month (Birmingham Hoop Fest) and maybe some other cities..will let you know May I´ll be at Scottish Hula Hoop Convention and in August at River Hoop - Slovenian hoop convention 2017. If you are interested this workshop and can´t make it any of these events,contact me.

Last I will share video from my workshop at London. These ladies make so inspiring stuff. 





Music in video by Kate Who