Dialog by Henna Lapinlampi

So as I was writing before about these pictures, which turn to movement, I want to talked about that bit more.

Hula hooping for me is express myself. I love some tech but most inspiring thing is to explore, what more you can do, what more you can find, how you can invent new things.

What ispire me to move is shapes and and I can clearly see movement in them. So picture what I got from people, are proposal to move, or make a score. And funny thing is that there are layers, so it’s not just one move.

Here are examples:

In this picture, there are curvy lines, I see that my path and how I should move. Litlle spots are stops. 

Curvy is soft so I think one part of my body, in this case knees. How my soft knees move, they bend. So that’s a main thing in a move.  

Bend your knees

Bend your knees

Here in video you can see bendy knees. Rest of that is improvising, where the hoop goes. 

So that’s the other thing.. 

When the starting point is how the body move, how I dance, then what does the hoop?

But You can always start to think first the hoop move/trick and then come to question how you move or dance.

In this next picture, I see loops. So I started to think what hoop move/trick it could be..


It somehow remind me of knitting, so continuous loops would be the move..

And below there is video, what I made it.


So working whit drawings, you have many options to develop your creative thinking with objects and body movement.

And beside person who draw this picture for me, can also use her creativity but also get some new view or level for her drawing from my movement.

It´s a dialog between two creative minds.

want to know more?

Get in touch and we can get deeper :)

Much love,


You draw, I dance by Henna Lapinlampi

I always find inspiration for my work from places I never been before or by shapes I see while I wait bus or walking in a forest.  

You draw, I dance. Your art comes part of my dance and we can share our creativity together. Fascinating!

Here are 30 different pics or writings you chose to made to me.

I now working on them, first sharing some idea, later will go deeper. 


First ten moves/scores... 

part 2 

Part 3


Next ten moves/scores will come later this autumn and you will find them in Instagram @soundofhoops

I will make workshop with this technique in some point, but that's another story. 


All the best,

Henna Matanuska

Process by Henna Lapinlampi

Draw or write a MOVE or SCORE


 So many people donate me them creativity and gave me present, move or score at Kartanoise ( Art and Culture happening ) :)



This is just a begining. I can't wait to jump in to this game. I'm tingle inside, so excited!!

At first you can find process at Instagram. I made new account just for this project: @soundofhoops

I will post one move a day. I think I will do 10 days period. Then pause and then another 10 and so on and on. 

I will share better post about this in future but mean while, see you in IG ;)


<3 Henna Matanuska



Dancing Hoop Workshop by Henna Lapinlampi


It´s been a while :)

In this post I wanna talk about dancing and hooping. For me hoop is a tool to express myself, dancing is important part of my hooping. Dancing/hooping free my body and mind to move just the way I feel.


No matter if you have take any classes or not, there is always your way to use your body and hoop (or any object) 


Of course there are some technique and tricks but main thing is, everyone can in their own way.

And when I teach, specially if I teach creative or dancing hoop technique, I will say, there is no wrong way to do it but your way and it´s right. We all have our unique body and it´s move, so let´s make a dance.

Dancing Hoop Workshop is based on improvisation, creative movement, dance technique and ©Dancing Cards technique. We will work movement quality, using elements, we will build choreographies, using creative thinking, and we will learn how to build dance. And this is just one way to do it, not only way. And I love to share new way to see dance, hooping, choreographies and how to do it.

In these last months I was given workshop in Tartto, Estonia, UK and in Amsterdam. And I loved to see how people just open them self and jump in! Yes, something you need most in my workshop is OPEN MIND :) and if it´s not open right away, it will if you give a chance.

So what if I don´t feel creative or my mind is stuck? I will give you tools and frames, so you don´t have to make all the things by yourself or feel like being locked by empty mind..that sometimes happen to me, when being in creative process that nothing comes to my mind..so there is REPEAT..how about repeating your move,just simple move and it´s start to grow,where it will take you, just let go..and BOOOM something happen :)

So why I love teach Dancing Hoop or Creative Movement Workshop? Because I love to see unique movement when people just throw them self in the moment and the movement lead them and I will learn every time so much.

So that was few words about my way of thinking and seeing and teaching about dance and hoop. I will be back in UK next month (Birmingham Hoop Fest) and maybe some other cities..will let you know May I´ll be at Scottish Hula Hoop Convention and in August at River Hoop - Slovenian hoop convention 2017. If you are interested this workshop and can´t make it any of these events,contact me.

Last I will share video from my workshop at London. These ladies make so inspiring stuff. 





Music in video by Kate Who


Tartu, Estonia 2017 by Henna Lapinlampi

Tartu - city of open minds


My first trip to Tartu was in 1991, and at that time I already noticed that it's amazing place. What I remember was hospitality and good food. So when I saw the Open Call for Tartu Artist in Residence, I knew I have to go back. And so I did!

I went to work my upcoming solo ( OVALO ) it's inspired from nature, spirals, geometric shapes.. and the name of course, Ovalo= oval, egg shape but also Be Light ( in Finnish way to say it ooo valo! ) so there are meanings hiding in that name. And what is interesting, in Estonia, nature and spirituality are very important, they have strong beliefs to mother nature, so what could be better place to start working my solo than Tartu!

But before it's ready, I will make demo's , as I did in Tartu too. It will help me to grow as and artist but also see a different view of my work.

so here I wanna share some pics from rehearsals and from live demo

Rehearsal photos taken by Mana Kaasik at Apararaaditehas. 




Performing photos taken by Jaak Kikas at Genialistide Klubi


in a last picture I exchange ideas with the audience. I have to say I got some interesting suggestions, and will sure try some of these. Also the atmosphere were so warm and welcoming, so that's why I also want to add that Tartu is city of open minds but also with Big Hearts!

Last I want to share this video of some of my ideas what I was trying/playing.. 


So hmmm, my next stop will be in UK.. so let's see what's next ☺ 


Ovalo by Henna Lapinlampi

So first proper post! 

and next Tuesday 31st of January is my first proper DEMO of OVALO.  

This piece will see her premiere at 2018 in Tampere, Finland but her first real start will happen here in Tartto, Estonia. ( I'm here now doing one month residency )



Check this poster! Can I say I'm more than excited!